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A La Carte Menu


Artichoke, rocket and black garlic € 26

Egg, agretto, champignon, Asiago fondue and spring truffle € 28

Cauliflower, pistachios, and balsamic vinegar € 27


Cuttlefish during spring € 28

Spider crab, avocado and Campari € 35

Mackerel, rd pepper, green olives € 26

Spaghetti with smoked butter, oyster and bergamot € 29

Cod, ramson, green asparagus and conch € 35


Ravioli with giunea fowl, coconut, lime and red shrimps  € 33

Chicken alla diavola € 28

Lamb, white asparagus, cumin and dried apricots € 35

Liver alla veneziana € 32

At dinner we serve a minimum of two dishes per person. 
Seasonal produce supplied by small local producers, is at the heart of our restaurant. Our menu is subject to change, depending on the availability of the ingredients.