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The Restaurant

Inspired by the ongoing changing of the seasons, Local is a creative and natural take on the Venetian traditional cuisine. Local in Venetian means “Place where you can eat, drink and be merry”. It also express the powerful connection to Venice and the Venetian lagoon that is at the heart of our restaurant.

Our ever-changing menus capture the true essence of an incredible ecosystem which is made of water and earth. We look for the finest organic ingredients, carefully sourced from small local producers, trusted growers and fishermen, who love nature and its natural cycle only as much as we do. These exceptional ingredients are combined with simplicity, in order to enhance their flavour and characteristics.

Our concept is also translated into our wine selection. We handpick only artisanal natural wines, and along with the wines we select the fantastic women and men that produce them according to the natural seasonal cycle and respecting traditional methods. The result is a wine that is a pure expression of the terroir where it comes from.

Finally, we have used local artisans also for the interiors of our restaurant. From the floor, the tables, the chairs and the lamps, to the glasses and the wine cellar… everything is handmade by local craftsmen. You will also be able to enjoy our chefs at work in the open plan kitchen whilst they are preparing signature dishes and cicchetti.

We look forward to welcoming you soon,

Benedetta and Luca Fullin