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Local invites... Renato De Bartoli

Sunday, 01 November 2015
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We are delighted to inform you that on the 26th November we will hold the first of a series of appointments with the producers. The icebreaker will be the warmth of Sicily. 

Guest of honour will be Renato De Bartoli (Marco De Bartoli). He will open only magnums of vintages not available in commerce, and he will guide us in his magical land, from Marsala to Pantelleria. 

It will be 4-stages journey, matched to a menu created by chef Matteo:

Terzavia Metodo Classico, Base Grillo 2012

Softshell crab roll


Pietra Nera, Zibibbo secco 2013

Tuna tataki, endive and Indian figue


Rosso di Marco 2011

Risotto with secole


Il Vecchio Samperi 20 anni

Mora Romagnola pork cheek, cappuccino flavoured purée and black cabbage


Bukkuram 08

Dried fruit, mascarpone and candied celery

75 euros per peson

Info & reservations: info@ristorantelocal.com; tel 0039 0412411128

Dinner with Renato De Bartoli will start at 8.00pm