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"Poor Fish" and wine from the coast - Thursday 10th March at 8.00pm

Saturday, 20 February 2016
blog article image
Gastronomic tradition, environmental quality and a possible economic recovery, will be the topics discussed by Lorenzo Bonometto - a biologist who has a deep knowledge of our lagoon - during a dinner where "poor fish" and natural wines produced in coastal areas will be the guests of honour. 

A big part of the Italian cuisine is based on fish; each Italian region has different fish varieties and different cooking techniques. However this big biodiversity is disappearing, together with traditional fishermen, because certain species are threatened or they don't have value in the market. 

In the Mediterranean there are 500 different species; we eat only 20 of them, neglecting all the others which are considered "poor" but are equally tasty, full of nutrients, and even better... they are cheaper. 

We have created a menu for this special evening, which will stimulate different conversations: Sardines, to talk about offshore minor fish; squid, to tell how they used to lay their eggs right in the canals; mixed fried fish, to challenge our guests in recognising which type fish they are eating; capatonda, to talk about local bivalve molluscs; and finally Volpina, because there are different kinds of mullets.... all accompanied by natural wines tat are produced in coastal areas, expertly matched by Meteri.

The evening is priced at 75 euros per person and includes:
- 5 course menu
- Natural wines from the Meteri selection, matched to each course
- Water and coffee

Slow Food members will receive 10% discount

Amouse Bouche with sardines
Catarratto, Nino Barraco 2014
Squid salad
Catarratto Nino Barraco 2014
Fried "poor fish" from the lagoon
Vdf Rapatel Blanc 2011
Risotto with capetonde (local clams) and artichokes
Le Clous Blanc de Brem 2014
Volpina (mullet) with seaweed, sea asparagus and anchovies cream 
Malvasia delle Lipari secca 2014

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