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Nocturne, a new appointment for your diary

Friday, 01 April 2016
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During April, wine lovers from all over the world gather between Vicenza and Verona since 50 years, to take part in different wine events and fairs. There is a new appointment for your diary, and it is all about natural wines, good food and live jazz. 

April 2016 marks the first edition of “Nocturne”, a wine event organised by our Luca and by Raffaele Bonivento, creators of Meteri. 

Named “Nocturne” because it will take place from 6.00pm until 1.00am, with 50 of the best European winemakers selected by Meteri for their bond with their terroirs, and because of their talent in valorising native grapes varieties, using organic and biodynamic technics, respecting nature and our wellbeing.  

In addition to the amazing wines, there will also be Italian street food, with tramezzini provided by our friends from Estro Vino e Cucina (a wine bar in Venice), mozzarelle in carrozza, arancini, and 8-hands gourmet dinners; two hands belong to our chef Matteo Tagliapietra. 

It is an honour for us to see Local next to some of Northern Italy’s most prestigious names; together with the Michelin starred Antica Osteria Al Castello, La Peca and Undicesimo Vineria, we will prepare 7 courses that will be matched to different wines.

Luca and Raffaele have promised live jazz music after dinner … great wine, good food and live music… Click here to find more information about Nocturne and buy tickets. 

PS: During Nocturne our brigade will still be active in the kitchen at Local!

Nocturne: 10th and 11th April, Villa Sorio, Gambellara (VI)