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Enzo De Pra - Guest Chef - 30 November

Saturday, 04 November 2017
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The great Chef Enzo De Prà (restaurant Dolada in Pieve d'Alpago), who has reached two Michelin stars and marked the history of Italian cuisine, will be guest for one night at Local.

On Thursday 30th November Enzo will bring the Alpago produce to the lagoon,  and together with Matteo he will prepare a 6-course menu.

An example of haut cuisine also for Luca and Benedetta, who remember some of the most beautiful moments spent at Dolada with the family, discovering the flavours of a refined and creative cuisine that reflects the surrounding territory made of mountains, woods, streams, and traditions.


A very warm welcome
Celeriac and Castelmagno cheese
Terra Minuta 2015, Valentina Passalacqua
Beetroot soup and dried flowers 
Le Rosé de Janot 2016, Jean David
Ravioli with eel and beans cream 
Kai 2013, Paraschos
Pheasant salad
Ploussard 2015, Tony Bornard
Deer Polpetta and potatoes
Rapatel Rouge 2011, Domaine de Rapatel
Marsala Superiore Riserva 10 anni Marco de Bartoli
95€ per person (with wines included)
Dinner starts at 8.00pm
Or contact us on 00390412411128